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6 Common Misconceptions About Pilates

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Many fitness trends come and go, but Pilates has proven its staying power. People looking to find focus, build a strong core, excellent posture, and a balanced, aligned body need look no further.

Viktor and Kelly Uygan, Konnect Pilates Co-Owners on Pilates Anytime

However, as with many things, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions floating around about Pilates.

6 Common Pilates Misconceptions

  1. Pilates And Yoga Are The Same. At a glance Pilates and Yoga may seem similar, but in truth they are very different. They both work on strength, flexibility, postural alignment, and stability. However, at a closer look,  you’ll see that Pilates has a very different approach when compared to Yoga. Joseph Pilates developed his format as an exercises system. The forms, movements, breathing techniques are quite different! While Yoga is restricted to the mat, Pilates literally keeps you moving. Also, there is a variety of equipment used in Pilates if desired.
  2. Pilates Is Only For Fit People. While it’s true that the first groups to adopt Pilates were athletes and dancers, it isn’t true that high levels of fitness and flexibility are prerequisites. Pilates is designed for every body from beginners to the advanced practitioner. It is amazing for anyone who wants to build strength in their core muscles for improved posture, balance, and flexibility. Regular practice will ensure that all aspects of your health are tended to from toning and conditioning to better flexibility and strength.
  3. Pilates Is Only For The Young. Pilates is one workout form that can be practiced by people of all ages, from young to old. Often you will see specific classes targeting specific populations to target children, athletes, seniors, pre and post natal.
  4. Pilates Is Either Too Easy Or Too Hard. When doing Pilates properly, the exercises are far from being easy. Pilates is designed to challenge people of all fitness levels, and workouts performed the right way should always be challenging, even for those in practice for years. However, those who find Pilates to be too difficult might not be doing the exercises correctly. Private lessons or group classes are available to be sure you are practicing pilates with the correct form and technique with the guidance of a Pilates Instructor.
  5. Pilates Will Help You Lose Weight Fast. While Pilates has many benefits, its gaol is not intended for weight loss. Pilates does start and keep your metabolism going even after your work out, so it can definitely help you if weight loss is your goal. But, it’s best done in conjunction with balanced, nutritional guidance and done consistently over an extended period of time.
  6. You Need Equipment To Do Pilates. It is true that some Pilates workouts requires the use of specialized equipment. These collections of springs, bars, ropes, and straps can give you a great and productive workout, but they're not completely necessary. You can get an incredible workout by doing a Pilates Mat class, which is where Joseph Pilates began his exercise system.
Pilates Anytime Online Pilates Mat Class taught by Konnect Pilates C0-Owner, Viktor Uygan

The Pilates Misconception Takeaway

The benefits of a consistent Pilates practice include improved posture and flexibility, greater physical confidence, energy, and balance. Pilates is a workout form that will build precision and control over both the mind and body.

Pilates can be very humbling, even for people who are in good shape. It is an exercise system that can be practiced safely in various different forms by anyone regardless of age, height, weight, or gender. When practiced regularly, Pilates literally transforms your body!

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