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Are Private Pilates Classes Worth the Price?

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It’s no secret that private Pilates classes will put a bigger dent in your wallet, but the benefits you stand to gain from a private class versus a group class is worth the extra cash, in our honest opinion.

See for yourself why we think private Pilates classes are worth the price.

1. Individualized instruction

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In a group Pilates class, everyone is doing the same workout per the instructor’s instructions, regardless of what your personal strengths or weaknesses are. A group class is a great way to get an all-around workout, but when it comes to a private session, you are able to focus your attention on those parts of your body that you feel need the extra work, while spending less time on other areas.

2. Accountability

When you are one of many in a class and you decide to back out last-minute, you are out the late cancel fee, but you don’t feel as if you are letting anyone down. When you are taking private Pilates classes, however, and you cancel last-minute, you are really letting someone down -- your instructor, someone who is working hard to get you to be the best version of yourself.

3. Motivation

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While there is no doubt that working out in a class is a great way to motivate yourself to keep going, there is a different level of motivation when it comes to having your own personal cheerleader right by your side focusing all their words of encouragement on you.

4. Heightened injury care

If you are suffering from any injuries, Pilates is a great way to still workout, but without further damaging your injury. While your instructor will certainly pay attention to your injury and help you modify in group classes, you will get much more individualized, focused, and careful attention to ensuring you stay safe.

The Takeaway

While group classes have some great benefits, private classes have others that many people will really enjoy. These benefits include individualized attention, motivation, accountability, and extra care for injuries.

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