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Common Mistakes Pilates Newbies Make

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Congratulations on adding Pilates to your life! It is certainly intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, Pilates is life-changing.

However, as a newbie it can feel overwhelming. You are in a new place, doing a new workout with moves you’ve never done before on a machine that is terrifying.

Don’t worry -- we are here to help you by pointing out those newbie mistakes and giving you ways to make sure you only make them once (or maybe not even at all).

Pilates Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not showing up on time

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As a newbie, you should be the first person in class (other than the instructor). It takes time to introduce you to the machine and you don’t want to be the person taking up class time to do that -- that is not a good first impression to make with your fellow students and instructor.

Show up at least 10 minutes ahead of time so that you can get comfortable with the machine and listen to any other information your instructor has to give.

2. Showing up unprepared

You’re going to need more than just your outfit when you show up to Pilates. First of all, bring water with you -- you are going to need it. Also, a towel is something you may find you’re happy to have, as things will likely get sweaty.

But whatever you do, do not forget to bring a pair of grip socks (or money to buy some at the studio). You cannot take class without a pair of these on your feet, so know ahead of time to bring them with you.

3. Moving too fast

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So many workouts today move quickly from pose to pose and have our hearts racing the whole time. Pilates is different. Though certain moves will definitely have your heart rate pumping, the moves are intended to do very slowly. That’s how you reach muscle burnout, and that’s where the fat-burning and strength-training happen. Trust us on this one -- the slower you move, the more results you’ll see.

4. Just going through the motions

One of the biggest parts of Pilates is focus. It is easy to just do the movements without targeting the right areas and you won’t see the results you’re after. In order to succeed in Pilates, you need to really think about what muscles you’re working and make that mind-body connection that forces you to focus on the right areas.

The Takeaway

Showing up to Pilates is certainly a big step to take, so we want to make sure that your efforts do not go without the rewards. Pay attention to the above newbie mistakes so that you aren’t wasting your time, effort, and money in class.

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