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Got the Winter Blues? Here Are The Top 2 Ways Pilates Can Help

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As much as we love the holiday season, if you live in a place where the temperatures are anything less than 70, you are at risk of developing the winter blues. And boy, are they not fun to deal with.

But don’t give up hope! There are solutions to those winter blues, and our favorite, most tried and true answer to your winter blues problems is Pilates.

Yes, bringing this one exercise into your life can make a huge difference in how you feel this winter, and the rest of the year.

Curious how? You’re not alone. Here are the ways that Pilates can help you combat that winter sadness.

Find a workout buddy

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Sometimes finding motivation to do anything when the weather is cold can be difficult. And when it comes to working, out finding motivation for that can feel downright impossible.

One great way to keep your motivation going (or to help you find it in the first place) is to find someone to workout with.

First of all, you stand to gain more benefits of working out in a group. Chances are good you’ll push yourself harder because you see other people around you pushing hard too, and you don’t want to look lazy next to everyone else.

Chances are also good you’ll meet more people, which is also a driver to come back. Maybe you only see Susan at Pilates, and those few minutes after class where you guys catch up mean a lot to you.

Additionally, a group class will likely help you release more endorphins due to the fact that you find yourself smiling more. Do you ever smile while working out alone? Most people will say “no” to that. However, most people will say there is some point in class that they will smile when working out with others.

On top of all that, working out in a group has been shown to make people feel more relaxed and more at ease, which keeps your stress levels low.

Say “goodbye” to holiday weight gain

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It is nearly impossible not to gain weight during the holiday season. With all the friends and family get togethers, the baking, and the cold weather couch sessions, there are plenty of opportunities to put on some extra pounds. And, as most of us know, that has the potential to leave us feeling in a dark place post-holidays. We don’t feel our best, and only have ourselves to blame for it.

So, instead of just accepting that you’ll feel bad after the holidays, why don’t you plan ahead and start taking Pilates? Though this exercise won’t allow you to eat whatever you want, whenever you want without consequence, it will make you feel better when you eat a slice of that cake. Pilates helps take away guilt that we often associate with holiday eating, and will help you find a healthy balance of what’s too indulgent, and what’s just indulgent enough.

The Takeaway

There are a number of ways that you can beat the winter blues with the help of Pilates, but our two top ways are to find a buddy to workout with, and to avoid that holiday weight gain that can really bring you down (in more ways than one).

Want to skip the winter blues this year?

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