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How to Banish Wrist Pain in Pilates

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One of the best things about Pilates is that it is one of the rare workouts that you can modify and still see great results.

If you are pregnant, if you are on the weaker side, if you have an injury -- Pilates is for you. While you may not be able to do the exact moves that everyone else in the class is doing, you are able to modify (with the help of your teacher) to ensure that you’re still getting the positive results you’re after.

Sometimes Pilates can even help in fixing pain you may be having, including wrist pain.

Here is how Pilates can aid in you recovering from pain you may be having in your wrist.

Say “Bye” To Wrist Pain Thanks to Pilates

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The main reason you are going to see your wrist pain disappear is because Pilates helps train you to stop putting your weight into your wrist (which is likely how the pain started in the first place.)

It is easy when you’re doing a plank, or any exercise that requires you putting pressure on your hands to rely on your wrists to hold you up. We have all done it, but Pilates is here to help you stop that habit -- because it is a bad and unsafe one.

There are two main things you can do to get rid of any pain you may be having in your wrists.

1. Fix your technique

This can be as simple as moving where you place your hands on the machine, including the bars. When using the bar, do not wrap your thumb around. This forces the wrist to extend, which can lead to injury or make your wrist pain worse. Instead, put your thumb on the same side of the bar as the rest of your fingers and your wrist will be more supported.

2. Improve flexibility

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The more you use your wrists correctly, the more strength you will build in them. Practice putting pressure on your hands and pushing your hands up and away from the ground. This will force the pressure out of your wrists and help to make them more flexible, while simultaneously keeping them safe.

The Takeaway

Strengthening your wrists is the key to banishing wrist pain, and Pilates is a great to get that strength built in a safe and effective way. Do this by fixing your technique and the way you use your wrists, as well as working on improving your flexibility.

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