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How Pilates Can Help With Digestion

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It is the time of the year where people find themselves struggling with digestion the most. Between the cooler weather meaning we aren’t moving around as much, to the heavier eating due to holiday parties, to the stress that comes along with the holiday season, our digestion really gets affected.

So what can you do to alleviate your bloating and help your digestion run more smoothly?


Here, the ways that Pilates will help with your digestive problems.

Core Strength

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Due to the fact that Pilates helps strengthen your core, that means that it also, in turn, helps with your GI issues. Think of all the twisting you do in Pilates -- that does wonders for your digestive system.

Chances are good you’ve noticed feeling even the slightest bit less bloated after completing a Pilates class. And if you haven’t noticed, pay attention next time and we guarantee you’ll see the difference.

Metabolism Increase

Regularly taking Pilates has been known to help with your metabolism, which is a great way to help digestive issues you may be having.

Deep Breathing

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Many of us are running so quickly through our days this time of year that we forget to take a moment and take a few deep breaths.

Pilates forces you to do this. And deep breathing helps with your digestion due to the fact that the way your core moves during deep breathing is essentially a way of massaging your internal organs.


Many movements in Pilates include some sort of stretching, and this includes stretching your digestive tract.

By stretching your digestive tract, you are able to ease the process via which your body processes food and keeps your digestive system running smoothly.

Pulling Your Belly Back

You’ve likely heard your Pilates instructor tell you to pull your belly back towards your spine, and while you can’t literally pull it all the way back, you can create that mind-body connection to try, and in doing so, you will force gas out of your digestive system.

The Takeaway

If digestion is a problem for you, then Pilates is here to help. Various things you do in your Pilates class will aid your body in properly digesting and they include building your core strength, helping you to increase your metabolism, forcing you to focus on deep breathing, helping you to stretch your muscles, and reminding you to pull your belly back.

Try doing a before and after for the next few Pilates classes you take and see how you feel it affects your digestion.

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