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How Pilates Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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A few weeks into the new year and how are you feeling? Are you still on track with your resolutions? We hope so! However, this is the time that things get tough and many people tend to drop their resolutions.

We are here to keep you on track, with the help of Pilates, of course. With this exercise you will be able to keep your healthy New Year’s resolutions right on track.

Here’s how.

1. Accountability

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When it comes to exercise classes, you’ve got a lot of people to hold you accountable. From your buddy on the machine next to you to the instructor and more, you feel much more guilty about not showing up to a Pilates class than you do not showing up to the gym to workout on your own.

2. Signing up ahead of time

Pilates classes at Konnect Pilates can fill quickly, so we suggest you sign up ahead of time. This not only ensures you’ll have a spot in the class, it also gives you greater chances of showing up to class since you’ve already booked it.

3. Scheduling your workouts like a meeting

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Rather than treating your workouts as something you can do in your free time, actually schedule out time in your calendar for your workouts; treat them as a meeting that you must attend.

4. Getting in the zone

When you’re putting in time to workout, chances are good you’re going to work to be healthy in other areas of your life. This means getting in the zone. Pilates can help you do this, as you will be putting in hard work on those machines that you don’t want to reverse by having the rest of your life an unhealthy imbalance.

The Takeaway

New Year’s resolutions aren’t meant to end in February. They are meant to go through the whole year, and even further, especially if they are health-related. Pilates is a great way to keep your New Year’s resolutions going, thanks to the many benefits it offers.

Ready for your new year, new you?

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