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How Pilates Training Will Help Your Dancing Posture

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It’s no secret that Pilates is great for cross-training. And for dancers, Pilates is the most beneficial workout to supplement their dancing.

Dancers stand to gain a great deal of benefits from adding Pilates to their routine, but posture is one of the biggest things dancers will notice a positive change in (thanks to Pilates).

Here is how adding Pilates to your life will improve your posture.

Pilates Means Better Dancing Posture

Kate Rogge is an amazing dancer and athlete. On top of her athletic and dance skills, she has a creative mind which made it a joy to work with her.
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Central to Pilates is the core (no pun intended). All movements that you do in Pilates class require engaging your core, and that’s how Pilates students are able to build such great abs. And, as a dancer, your core is integral to every movement you make as well. Everything stems from your core, so it is important that you build a very strong core.

While Pilates certainly isn’t the only workout with which you can build a strong core, it is the quickest and most efficient way to build a core that will provide long-term results.

In addition, building a strong core helps to improve your posture. A strong core makes it so that you don’t have to rely on your back or other muscles in order to keep a good posture -- your core should be able to take care of that. This is great for protecting your back and preventing injuries. Speaking of which . . .

Preventing Injury

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Pilates utilizes your core and works through building nearly every muscle in your body, which is great for improving your posture but also for preventing injuries.

If your posture is better thanks to your strong muscles, then your chances of becoming injured during dance or during your Pilates class decrease significantly.

Healthy Organs

Correct posture thanks to Pilates also means that your organs are able to function at their best as well as remain in their designated places. You’d be surprised at how some workouts can really disrupt your organ systems.

The Takeaway

Pilates offers dancers some great benefits that other workouts are unable to do. So if you’re a dancer, consider adding Pilates to your cross-training routine.

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