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How to Use Pilates in Cross-Training

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If you are an athlete who isn’t doing cross-training, then you are seriously missing out. Cross-training is a great way to give you full-body fitness training that focusing on just one workout will never be able to do for you.

And Pilates is the best exercise to use in your cross-training. Why? There are many reasons, but in short, Pilates gives you the opportunity and ability to use every single muscle in your body without the high-impact risks.

Here’s how you can use Pilates in your cross-training to seriously benefit your body.

Works Your Core

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Nearly every exercise you do in Pilates uses your core, and thus builds it (as long as you’re doing the movements correctly). Having that inner strength in your core is important to all other forms of exercise or other sports you may be participating in. A strong core gives your body a solid foundation to work with, and a solid foundation upon which it can continue to build other muscles.

Works with Injury, and Helps Prevent Future Injury

If you are dealing with an injury, Pilates gives you a way to still exercise without the risk of you doing further damage to your body. The low-impact aspect of this workout, coupled with its ability to modify to your specific needs and abilities will help your injury get back on track in a safe way.

In addition to that, Pilates helps to keep injuries from happening in the first place. As mentioned above, Pilates builds a strong core and having that strong core will help your body remain strong and free from injury.

Helps Focus

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Pilates is a slow but very intentional workout that requires a great deal of focus. You can certainly just go through the movements, but you’ll actually not be working any muscles and won’t gain anything from the class. In order to get what you came for out of your Pilates class, you need to focus on your muscles, what you’re doing, and how you’re using them. That’s how you get those killer bods you see on social media.

Promotes Movement

Pilates is known to be one of the top ways to build muscular endurance. And by building not just the major muscles in your body, but also the smaller ones as Pilates does, you are able to move in ways you never did before.

The Takeaway

If you are an athlete in training, adding Pilates as your cross-training will be life-changing. The benefits you gain from combining your current fitness routine with Pilates classes are going to give you a major advantage.

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