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Is Pilates Safe For Seniors?

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There are some great benefits of Pilates, but do those benefits transfer to seniors? Today we are talking about Pilates for seniors and whether it is something you should do.

Should seniors do Pilates?

Yes! We can answer this question without hesitation. Pilates is a great exercise for seniors to perform.

Here are some of the benefits for seniors.


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As you age, your balance becomes more and more of an issue and things such as walking can become a challenge. Pilates helps to restore your balance and help you focus on using your core to stay balanced at all times.


As we age, our muscles become tighter and flexibility becomes an issue. Pilates is a great way to re-introduce flexibility into your life by the stretching and muscle-building it offers.


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As we age our muscles also become weaker. We are using them less than we did when we were younger, and our strength suffers as a result. Pilates serves as the idea way to build your strength in a way that is safe and low-impact, without pushing you too far.


Pilates is a great way to practice focus and keeping your mind active while doing a workout.


The effectiveness of Pilates really comes when you get your breathing down right. And for seniors, this breath work is especially important. Oftentimes as we age, we find it more difficult to breathe. Pilates helps to get those deep breaths in, while getting a workout at the same time.

Things to Keep In Mind

As a senior, there are things to remember when you go to Pilates. First of all, don’t push your body too much. Start with once or twice a week to ensure you are able to have time to recover from your workouts.

Also, be sure to let your instructor know you will need modifications. Some of the movements and poses will be difficult for you, so use the instructors’ knowledge to help you modify to fit your abilities and your needs.

And most importantly, listen to your body. Know what feels like it’s hurting, and what feels like its helping and move accordingly.

The Takeaway

Pilates is a fabulous workout for seniors. There are many benefits that come as a result of doing Pilates when you are older, as long as you keep in mind your limitations.

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