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Konnect Pilates Wins Yelp’s ‘People Love Us Award 2019’

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In this technological world, often, the first impression we get of a business is through the internet. Websites, digital ads, and online reviews are all great ways to find out more about a company.

Reviews, in particular, are critical as this will give you unbiased insight on a company’s performance.

It is rare for businesses to get a five-star review average, yet this is an accomplishment that has been achieved by the Orange County Pilates Studio, Konnect Pilates. In recognition of their close to 100% five-star reviews, they have recently been awarded a People Love Us Sticker on Yelp. Find out more about the company and why people can’t seem to get enough of the excellent service they offer.

Konnect Pilates Award

Konnect Pilates was founded in 2002 by Viktor and Kelly Uygan, PMA instructors and Master Teacher Trainers with the world-renowned Balanced Body, Inc. They hold certificates in Pilates, Body Code, Ki-Hara, CoreAlign, Anatomy, BODHI, MOTR, Balanced Body Barre, Pink Ribbon and The Konnector. The couple applied their passion to the mind-body balance opening a Pilates studio that would help their clients reach their physical and mental potential.

Their Orange County studio offers over 5000 sq ft of state of the art Pilates equipment in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. There, clients can work with the Uygan's and their highly trained team to achieve their fitness goals.

The studio offers a wide range of training options including Pilates private training, Group Reformer Classes, Mat Classes, and Specialty Group Classes. They also provide Pilates teacher training and certification for those who wish to make Pilates part of their professional lives.

When it comes to customer reviews, there are a lot of clients with positive things to say. They love the atmosphere the studio provides, the level of personal care that they receive during their sessions, and the trainer’s ability to help them in reaching their fitness goals. Many have even reported overcoming body pain due to the exercises that specifically recommended to them.

Konnect Pilates is a great place to explore the world of fitness and help you achieve your goals. The proof is in the customer reviews, and we are confident that 2019 won’t be the first year the studio is awarded for its excellence. We look forward to seeing the great developments Konnect continues to make in the coming years.

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