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Pilates After Injuries

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Is Pilates good for you after you've suffered an injury?

Injuries can often times set people back in their health and fitness goals by either putting a stop to their routines or creating a fear of exercising all together. Pain is often one of the leading culprits of degeneration of the body and the fear of recreating that pain is very real. Because of these reasons, Pilates is the perfect re-entry into a fitness routine, helps create long term healthy habits and can even aid in the recuperation of the injury.

pilates after injuries
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What should I do after my injury?

Most often, Doctor's will prescribe or recommend physical therapy after an injury. Physical Therapy is the perfect beginning to your recovery, as a great Physical Therapist will help you rehabilitate your injury and create accurate and appropriate habits for that area.

Where does Pilates fit into my recovery?

Pilates is the perfect next step after being cleared from Physical Therapy because Pilates will help you not only strengthen the area that was injured, but the whole body to help prevent further injuries. Under the instruction of a highly qualified Pilates Instructor, you can not only feel better but reach goals and do things you thought were never possible again. Did you know that Joseph Pilates first created his exercise system because he saw that when people were injured and not moving, they weren't getting any better? He understood the importance of a healthy and strong body that moves with Mindfulness.

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How can Konnect Pilates help?

Here at Konnect Pilates, our comprehensively certified Pilates Instructors are able to work with any injury and specific needs. We offer Private sessions which are uniquely tailored to each individual's needs. This allows the you to work at the appropriate pace for your recovery and to create, nurture and reach your goals! We are fully invested in your fitness journey and create long term clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you be pain free!

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