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How to Become a Pilates Instructor in California

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To become a certified Pilates instructor takes a knowledgeable mind, interest in people, anatomy, physiology and physical knowledge of the Pilates method. This exercise system was developed by Joseph Pilates, with its original name being “Contrology”. He designed it to improve physical fitness for everyone, from professional athletes to beginners.

The demand for Pilates instructors is rapidly growing, which is the good news for those of us who have chosen or are planning to start their career as a Pilates instructor. If you're considering teaching Pilates in the future, this article will help answer some questions give you guidance on how to become a successful Pilates instructor.

Becoming a Pilates instructor takes time, knowledge, commitment and money. So, if you are passionate and want to share your knowledge and skills you’ll want to choose the best Pilates teacher training that fits your needs.

Viktor Uygan, Konnect Pilates Co Owner and Balanced Body Master Instructor

Are You a People Person and Do You like to Teach?

Communication key to becoming a Pilates instructor. Good verbal and visual communication between the client and instructor build a sense of trust and helps to develop a healthy relationship. If you like to teach and you have good communication skills, then no one can stop you from becoming a great Pilates trainer.

Pilates is all about the connection of the physical exercises to the mind, which is improved with verbal and tactile cuing. The trust needed to receive those cues is priamiraly based off of healthy communication between the Instructor and client. This also helps make your classes more effective because the clientele can easily engage with you and listen to your instructions very carefully.

Kelly Uygan, Konnect Pilates Co Owner and Balanced Body Master Instructor

What Can Make You a Successful Pilates Instructor?

Pursuing Pilates teacher training may vary from person to person. But one thing is common in every individual : they all want a successful Pilates career. Here are a few tips to keep you at the top of your game!

1. Choose a Thorough Pilates Teacher Training Provider:

While searching for Teacher Training Certifications, always read about every aspect of each Pilates Teacher Training Program. You can also see their past reviews and results for more detailed information. It is recommended to choose the program which will provide thorough learning and in-depth knowledge within a comprehensive certification, along with other workshops or certifications to continue your required CEC’s (continuing education hours).

2. Don't forget your self-practice:

It is important to focus on your own practice too. It not only helps to explore new techniques but also keeps you fit. By doing this you can build a strong image amongst your clientele and continue to challenge them as they progress and get stronger.

3. Establish a Relationship:

Establishing a good, professional relationship with your clients gives them a sense of comfort and they can enjoy learning from you. It not only helps to gain their trust but also attracts more clientele. You can do this by learning their names, asking about their goals and general health and you’ll be surprised how you can easily gain a following.

4. Give your 100%:

As a great Pilates instructor, it is your responsibility to give 100% in every class. No matter the level of your clients, private or group instruction, it is important to give your best.

5. Communicate with your clients:

As an instructor, your job doesn't stop when you're done the teaching. Keeping your clients bodies evolving and their interest peaked, it’s important to communicate with your students. Ask them about their health and listen to their goals. Make your classes more interactive by introducing some interesting and fun activities!


Whether you're a dancer, athlete or a fitness trainer you can start your teaching as a Pilates instructor by completing your teacher training certification through Konnect Pilates. At Konnect Pilates we have experienced, caring and knowledgeable Master Instructors who will guide and encourage you through your training. Our goal is to help you reach your dream of becoming a Pilates Instructor all while nurturing your desire to learn and grow.

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