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Should I Eat Before or After Pilates?

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Figuring out what to eat before and after your workouts is a question many people have. Which leads to the question of whether it’s better to eat before your Pilates class or after your Pilates class. It’s not as simple as one or the other, so today we are going into how to determine what is the best time to fuel your body with Pilates.

Why You Should Eat Before Pilates

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Like mentioned above, it is not as simple as eating before Pilates versus eating after Pilates -- it is all based upon a number of variables.

First of all, it depends on what time of the day you are taking class. If you are taking it first thing in the morning, then you definitely don’t want to eat a huge meal and pack yourself full of food. However, if you are taking class later in the day, then make sure to have a good full meal about three hours before class so you have enough energy to give it your all.

And on the other end, if you have no fuel in your body, it is important that you eat something before class. It’s pretty hard for your body to run on empty, so give it a bit of sustenance.

Reach for something such as a banana, nuts, or simple smoothie.

Why You Should Eat After Pilates

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Eating something after Pilates class is important to refuel your body and to give you something to aid in muscle recovery.

However, you want to be careful of what it is you choose to put in your body after class -- after you’ve put in all that hard work. Focus on getting both proteins and fat because those are the two main nutrients that your Pilates class will take out of you.

In terms of time, try to eat 30 minutes after class for optimal recovery. And when it comes to choosing what to eat, smoothies are always a great option -- again, as long as they have protein and fat in them.

The Takeaway

Eating both before and after Pilates class is important, but know that the time of your class and the timing of your eating is very important.

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