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The Benefits of MOTR

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As Pilates continues to grow in popularity, new types of workouts are emerging. One of these is the MOTR workout. MOTR was introduced just a few years ago and stands for More Than A Roller. The MOTR itself is a piece of equipment that makes the workout possible. Read on to find out more about how this unique exercise form can benefit you.

What Is MOTR?

The MOTR equipment is best described as a giant foam roller with Variable Resistance Modules (VRM) attached to one end. These require differing degrees of force to target the muscle to create constant resistance. They can be adjusted to replicate a resistance force of three, six or nine pounds.

You can use MOTR in several ways. You can sit on it, stand on it or kneel on it. Then you can use the VRMs to work out your legs, core, back or any other part of your body. It is best to have an instructor around when doing MOTR as they will explain each position and help you in and out of the straps.

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Benefits of MOTR

MOTR provides several benefits, some that can’t be found in other forms of Pilates workouts. Read on to find out how it can help boost your level of fitness.

  • It’s Versatile: The versatility of MOTR provides allows you to work out any part of your body and can be use at a resistance that works for you. It is design to improve alignment, balance, core control and functional movement patterns.
  • It’s Cardiovascular: MOTR is a cardiovascular exercise. It works to raise your heart and breathing rate to increase blood flow, provide maximum calorie burn and improve bodily functions over all.
  • It’s Good for Healing: Like other forms of Pilates, the benefits of MOTR can be great for someone recovering from injuries. It is also safe for pregnant women.
  • It’s Taught in Small Classes: MOTR is typically taught in classes of four to 12 people. This allows the instructor to work with everyone in the class, devoting a lot of one on one time to make sure participants are educated as to what MOTR is and how to perform each movement. Classes are typically an hour long. If you would prefer even more of you instructor’s undivided attention, private classes are another option.
  • It’s Hard but It’s Easy: The MOTR equipment may look complicated to use, but you will find the movements easy to master. The workout itself can be challenging and may result in soreness the next day. Many describe this exercise format as gentle on the joints but with the ability to get a great workout. It is low impact by nature, so your joints won’t be impacted but it will get your heart rate up and you'll feel great doing these exercises with the MOTR.
  • Improves Tone: MOTR is great for anyone who wants a more toned look. Like other forms of Pilates, it is lengthening and strengthening to build long, lean muscles. It also increases flexibility, stability and core strength. If you take classes regularly, you can also expect to see an improvement in alignment, flexibility, balance and breathing technique.
  • It’s Easy to take with you: The MOTR device is assemble in such a way that all components are store within the core of the roller. It folds up to a package that is small enough to be carry over the shoulder. Set up can take place in less than a minute.
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Getting Started

If you think MOTR is right for you, the first step will be to find a MOTR class near you or buy the MOTR equipment. MOTR can only be purchased through Balanced Body, Sacramento based company that is the largest providers of Pilates equipment and education. Their equipment comes with a one year warranty and can also be bought in bulk for fitness facilities and studios.

If you are interested in making MOTR a part of your fitness routine, start by taking a class and seeing how you like it. If you are in the Orange County area, Konnect Pilates is a studio that provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere for Pilates classes. Pilates teacher training and Pilates certification.

Pilates is a form of exercise that will transform your body, mind and soul. MOTR takes it up a level providing a more cardiovascular exercise that is low impact yet challenging. Contact Konnect Pilates to find out more about this revolutionary workout and how it can benefit you.

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