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Top 4 Mistakes Pilates Teachers Make

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You’ve worked hard to get to this place -- the place where you can share your love and knowledge of Pilates with others. You’ve got a solid class down with people who truly enjoy attending. However, you may be making some mistakes that you aren’t even aware of that are a detriment to you and your students.

Here, the top mistakes that Pilates teachers make.

Focusing on the wrongs

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Many times in class, students need modifications and need your help in ensuring that they’re doing the pose in the right way. However, the way that you go about this is key. Rather than telling them they’re doing something wrong, instead say “try it this way instead.” Using more positive language to help them change their form will be met with much more success than any negativity.

Not being attentive to those who need modifications

People who come to your classes regularly likely have many of the poses nailed and rarely need modifications, if ever. However, it is important that you not ignore the new students in your class, or those that are injured and are in need of modifications because they are unable to perform the movement.

Making moves too difficult too soon

Pilates is not easy, especially for beginners. As a teacher, it is your job to ensure you are providing moves to your students that push them, but not too far. Understand the level that your students are at, and plan your class routine accordingly.

Picking favorites

There are students in your class that are all-stars and excel at a faster rate, but you need to tread carefully around favoritism. Do your best to make every student feel included regardless of their skill level. That is what will make you a popular teacher, and is what will make students come back for more.

The Takeaway

Being a Pilates instructor is an incredibly fulfilling job and there are so many benefits you stand to gain in this job. However, you want to avoid some of the common Pilates instructor mistakes so that you can make this space enjoyable for both you and your students.

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