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Top 4 Benefits of Becoming a Pilates Instructor

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So you love taking Pilates classes. It is your hour of the day to step away from technology, unwind, work on your mind-body connection and get a great workout while you’re at it. But have you thought about taking things to the next level and becoming a Pilates instructor? It may sound like a wild idea at first, but if you love Pilates as much as we are guessing you do, then it’s certainly worth considering.

If you need a bit of convincing, we are sharing here the top benefits to becoming a Pilates instructor that will give you insight to what being a teacher is like.

1. Flexible Schedule

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It seems like more people are switching to remote jobs, so the environment of work is certainly making some major shifts. However, there are plenty of people (even those who work remotely) who remain in the 8-5 or 9-5 shift and still feel stuck having most of their life revolve around work.

Sound familiar? By becoming a Pilates instructor, you open up your life to one of flexibility. While you will have specific time slots for classes, you will have you choice when it comes to private lessons and more free time during the day to do other fulfilling things with.

2. Stress Reduction

You have likely experienced this from taking Pilates classes, but the stress levels seem to drop further the more time you spend in a Pilates environment. And the best way to do that is by teaching classes. Surrounding yourself with this positive environment will help alleviate stress in other areas of your life.

3. Better Body

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Not only will you be continuing your normal Pilates workouts, as an instructor you will be spending more time working out by teaching. You will be showing students how to do different poses, and ensuring that you remain in tip-top shape so that you can help your students improve their Pilates practice.

4. The Joy of Teaching

There is something about teaching that some people just love. There is fulfillment in watching your students learn and grow that can’t be achieved any other way.

The Takeaway

While many of us love taking Pilates classes, there are some of us who stand to benefit a great deal from taking it to the next level and becoming an instructor.

There are a number of reasons you will love being a Pilates instructor, and Konnect Pilates is the ideal place to start this journey into the new you.

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