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The Top 3 Exercise Excuses, and How You Can Beat Them

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Many people agree that the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym, to the studio -- wherever it is you’re doing your workout.

Once you’re there, it’s easy to get in the zone and get into your workout, but the process of getting there can be more than people can handle. Which, unfortunately means they aren’t making it to their workouts.

Sound familiar? Today we are sharing the top exercise excuses that you’ve used, or you’ve heard others use, and what you can do to beat them and get to your workout where we promise you will feel so much better.

Ditch These Exercise Excuses

1. “I’m too tired.”

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We’ve all been there. There just were not enough hours in the night to get the sleep we needed in order to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, let alone a workout. However, chances are good you’ve got yourself in a vicious cycle where you’re void of energy because you’re not working out.

We know it sounds crazy, but it’s not. Exercising gives you energy and boosts your endorphins so the more you make it a part of your daily routine, the more energy you’ll have and the happier you’ll feel.

The one exception to this is if you’re sick, and if that’s the case, we do not recommend working out at all. You need to take this time to heal.

2. “I don’t have time.”

This excuse is less about you having enough time and more about you needing to organize your days better.

You can squeeze in a 20 minute workout everyday -- there is no one that doesn’t have 20 minutes to spare. It may not be the full workout you’re looking for, but some movement is better than none so get moving when and how you can.

If this excuse sounds like you, then we suggest you also try scheduling your workout into your calendar just like you would a meeting. You’ve got a meeting with your body, and you do not want to be skipping out on this one.

3. “Working out is boring.”

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We aren’t going to lie -- working out can be boring, and that term is all relative. You may be obsessed with doing yoga, while the person next to you sees yoga as the most boring and torturous thing ever.

What we are saying here is that you need to find a workout that you don’t find boring. Whether that’s Crossfit or Pilates, finding an exercise that pumps you up and makes you feel motivated to go is the workout you need to be doing.

The Takeaway

There is no valid excuse for not working out (except for being sick). You can find the time, energy, and motivation to workout no matter what, so stop making excuses and just do the darn thing!

Ready to kick your excuses to the curb and get moving?

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