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The Top 3 Ways to Find Time for Pilates

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It seems our lives keep getting busier and busier with every turn of the calendar, and there are some things that get squeezed out of our lives to make room for others.

While we are all about changing up your schedule and bringing new things into your life, you should never fail to find time for Pilates.

We know it isn’t easy, but it is worth it for the mental and the physical benefits.

So how do you find time for this workout that is so important for your health? Here’s how.

Treat your workout like a meeting

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You wouldn’t miss a work meeting unless it was an emergency, would you? You know about work meetings ahead of time and schedule them into your calendar.

So why not do the same for your Pilates class? Exercise like this is vital to keep your mind and body in shape, so don’t look at this as just a workout, but rather as a meeting that you scheduled with yourself, and you can’t get out of (except in case of an emergency, of course).

Find a workout partner

By finding a friend to workout with, you are more likely to make time for your Pilates class. If you feel so slammed with your schedule, look at your Pilates class as killing two birds with one stone: you get to workout and hang out with your friend at the same time.

Now if that isn’t efficiency, we don’t know what is.

Find a studio you love

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If you feel like you’re dragging yourself to a studio or class that you aren’t crazy about, it is only going to get increasingly more difficult for you to find motivation as time passes.

Instead, make it your goal to find a studio that you resonate with and that gives you incentive to make time in your busy schedule to pay a visit for class.

Konnect Pilates provides a great environment for Pilates lovers of all levels, and we are sure that you will find that this studio motivates you to workout as much as you can.

The Takeaway

Committing an hour of your time a few days a week doesn’t have to be difficult -- especially if it is for something as important as your mental and physical health.

By partnering with a friend, treating your workout as a meeting, and by finding a studio that you love, you will discover a lot more time in your schedule for Pilates than you ever thought.

Ready to commit to finding time for Pilates?

Sign up for your first class with Konnect Pilates today.

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