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4 Ways Pilates Can Help With Your Sports Injury

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So you’ve suffered an injury and you’re feeling like you are out of options when it comes to exercise. You still want to exercise, but don’t know what is safe for you to do without running the risk of making your injury even worse.

Enter: Pilates. Pilates was, in fact, developed during WWI as a way to help injured soldiers rehab, so it makes sense that today, Pilates serves as a great way to alleviate the pains involved with sports injuries.

How? Read on to see how Pilates can help you rehab from your injury.

It provides targeted workouts . . .

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While Pilates is a great overall workout, it also provides a lot of opportunity to focus your attention on specific body parts. There are many exercises in Pilates that, when done correctly, can help you strengthen individual muscle groups. This is especially helpful if you’re dealing with a sports injury because, by being able to focus your attention on the muscles around your injury, you can help strengthen them until your injury is fully healed.

. . . while simultaneously providing an entire-body workout.

Pilates, as mentioned above, is great at focusing on specific areas, but it also provides opportunity for working out your entire body. Pilates focuses heavily on your core -- in fact, every single movement you do in Pilates requires your core playing a part. This helps to fix any muscle imbalance you may have, or overall poor alignment that may have been part of the reason you were injured in the first place, or that is contributing to your continued pain.

It helps with your breathing.

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The timing of your breathing in Pilates is integral to your success in the movements, and to what you get out of the time you’re putting in. This is similar to practices used in traditional physical therapy, because breathing correctly helps to stabilize your entire body. In addition, when you are breathing correctly, you are able to bring breath into the areas of your body that have been injured, which helps your circulation and the continued improvement of your injury.

And is low-impact.

Whether you have a sports injury or not, Pilates is a favorite amongst athletes because it is low-impact. In fact, you may even be able to say that it has no impact for most of the movements. It is a safe option for those who currently have sports injuries, or for those who are wanting to ensure they never suffer from injuries. You get strengthening, resistance, and even a bit of cardio with Pilates without the damage to your body.

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