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Why Dancers Need Pilates

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While Pilates is a fabulous workout to have as your only form of exercise, or your main form at least, there are many other people who stand to benefit a great deal from using Pilates as a form of conditioning for other exercises.

And one of the groups of people who will see a huge benefit in adding Pilates to their regimen is dancers.

How can Pilates help with dancing, you may be wondering?

We are here to fill you in.

1. Core strength

Photographer: Tim Mossholder | Source: Unsplash

Not only is having a strong core great to visibly show off your abs, but core strength is integral to balance. And balance is something a dancer certainly can’t live without.

Pilates is one of the best ways to work your core and get to the deep muscles that really help with your balance, rather than just skimming the surface muscles.

In addition to providing balance, a strong core also helps to keep you free of back injury.

2. Injury Recovery

Speaking of injuries . . . if you are a dancer that does find him/herself with an injury, Pilates is the ideal exercise that allows you to still workout while still remaining safe and not doing additional damage to your injury.

With Pilates you are able to continue working out and strengthening your muscles despite your injury -- there aren’t many exercises that can say the same. And for dancers who find themselves at risk of injury quite often, this is key.

3. Focus on alignment

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If you’ve ever been to a Pilates class, you have definitely heard your instructor talk about alignment. And, if you’re a dancer, then alignment is something you are undoubtedly familiar with.

Thus, for dancers, Pilates is familiar in the sense that it has such a heavy focus on body alignment as well as the incorporation of breathing into your workout, similar to dancing.

And the more dancers feel they can tie their Pilates training back into dancing, the better.

4. Muscle toning, sans the bulk

While dancers have some seriously strong muscles, many of them are not looking to bulk. And there are a number of workouts that will give dancers a great way to supplement their dancing, but may run the risk of them bulking up.

Enter: Pilates.

Pilates supports dancers’ desire to keep the muscles very toned, but also lean by slimming them. This is due to the fact that Pilates works much deeper than just the surface-level muscles and really gets into the depth of the muscles that provides that strength, without the added visual bulk.

The Takeaway

Dancers who are looking to supplement their dancing with another workout should turn to Pilates. There are a number of reasons why dancers will benefit from Pilates, including building core strength, building long, lean muscles, recovering from injury, and focusing on alignment.

Want to see what Pilates can do for your dancing?

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